Working with Valorie has helped me not only in my acting career but my entire life. Because of her I go after what I want in life. Valorie taught me so much about taking charge of my career. Since working with her I've been called in by some of the busiest and most well know casting directors in the city. I owe it all to her.


Valorie takes the abstract concept of working in Hollywood and breaks it down to science.


In Hollywood there are a lot of people who say they can help you. Valorie is someone that walks the talk. As a professional actress she has built a stellar career by doing the exact same things she teaches her clients. In seven weeks of doing the work with Valorie as my career coach, I booked my first network TV Co-Star. There's the saying "Luck is what happens when Opportunity meets Hard Work.” Valorie is the woman who teaches you what hard work you should be doing and how to create the opening for those opportunities. If you want to succeed in this business, I cannot recommend a better career coach to guide your career.


Valorie is a wizard. No, she is an acting-career fairy-godmother. Working with her has completely altered the way I approach my career. It actually isn't magic - she helped me to see that it's all about taking the right steps in the right directions and continuing to take those steps even when it feels uncomfortable or scary. She is a working actress herself, so brings tons of personal, professional, and authentic experience to the table. With her guidance I have booked my first role on television. She helps me to be more courageous, see my acting career as a business, and plot out a path to reach any goal I set.


I needed guidance and a serious push. I am getting that and more from Valorie. Since working with Valorie, I have taken bigger risks and really jumped off the deep end. I'm not scared of rejection anymore. I'm scared of not trying and not putting myself out there. I'm just finishing the play I've been in for the last couple months and gearing up for meetings with the agents and managers who came to it!


Rarely do you find a coach with as much experience as Valorie. She knows her craft, she knows the business, and most importantly, she truly cares about the people she works with.


Valorie keeps me from jumping off of a cliff when I'm feeling frustrated and down about my career (metaphorically - although, once, I did think about it literally, but it seemed like it was going to be a whole...thing); and instead she helps me to charge forward and climb the mountain towards my hopes and dreams (again, metaphorically - I'm not actually climbing anything because, haha, no). She has an endless wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and is the most hilarious, generous, comforting, supportive, motivating and inspirational person I know. I don't know where I'd be without Val - she is literally my Sherpa.


It is quite simple, really: there are two types of people in the world. Those who DO and those who DO NOT. If you consider yourself the former and you're serious about being an actor, DO yourself a favor and call Val... and then get prepared to enjoy the ride with the help of the ultimate Hollywood guru.


Working with Valorie took my acting career to the next level and completely changed the way I run my business! I am so grateful our paths crossed!


Before working with Valorie, there was so much mystery surrounding "the business." Today when I get called into an office I feel like I've been there already; the mystery has been dispelled and it’s all about the WORK. Valorie has helped me to define my product and to present myself in a manner which illustrates my product to the industry.



Kristy relates how she discovered her BFA from the “really good acting school” wasn’t enough to get her career started.


Santiago had low-expectations due to a lack of formal training. With Valorie he found new confidence because he was getting the right coaching, and started getting great results.


Movie star Maria relays how important Valorie is to her career and her life.


Scott shares how his relationship with Valorie has accelerated his career.


Helen was directionless and needed support. In her work with Valorie she discovered new possibilities...and booked her first role on hot hit show Orange Is The New Black.


Jim didn’t see his acting career as a business, and it showed in the lack of work he did. His perspective shifted as he began working with AFT, and he started booking work.