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It is quite simple, really: there are two types of people in the world. Those who DO and those who DO NOT. If you consider yourself the former and you're serious about being an actor, DO yourself a favor and call Val... and then get prepared to enjoy the ride with the help of the ultimate Hollywood guru.

~ Peyton McDavitt

Working with Valorie for the past year has truly been a "Game Changer"! The amount of confidence she has helped me build in myself and my brand is incredible. Not only have I become a stronger actor and business woman, I have become a stronger person. My auditions have tripled in the past year, and my reps now know that I mean BUSINESS! Thank you, Valorie!

Alexa Russo

What I so appreciate about Valorie and working with AFT is I learned how to define and target my product to the buyers who need my services. In short she taught me how to successfully run my acting business. Through AFT, Valorie is creating a new climate and culture of success for actors.

Mary Sala

Last year's event gave me the shot of adrenaline I needed to get hyper focused, and get moving in a more specific and successful direction. A few weeks after returning to NYC I signed across the board with a major agency, started getting in the room for much more TV/Film, and booking theatre. It really gave me a sense of community. I was inspired by Valorie, the content of the event, sponsors, and especially the energy and enthusiasm of all the attendees. It was affirming, educational, helpful, FUN, and made me feel like much more was possible than I thought. I truly realized I am not doing this alone - that there is an army of us out there, supporting and challenging each other, and willing break rules.

Karolyn Kramer

I had booked plenty of national commercials, but I could not get a TV and film audition. I had no agent, and no idea how to get one. But I knew Valorie for 20 years. I knew she had a company that helped actors. And I knew her actors were working actors. Hiring AFT was the smart move. Valorie gave me a step-by-step guide to getting auditions without an agent. She taught me to nurture relationships with the people who make decisions: the producers, directors, writers and casting directors. She showed me how to manage my own career, and how to be proactive in looking for auditions.

Scott Cargle