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Actor’s Fast Track Biz Plan

Are you just getting started in this acting game? Are you new to the industry? Are you looking to “make it" by relying on a dash of hope and luck?

If so, I’ve got news for you: The most successful working actors (myself included) I know have become successful because they have a BIZ PLAN. Just like any business, having a set plan with goals, action steps and trackable outcomes is essential to getting where you want to go.

It’s designed for those actors who have spent all their time and money taking those classes, getting new headshots, looking for the elusive agent or manager, but never getting in the room where it all happens.

The BIZ PLAN was created to make that all happen.

Actor’s Fast Track MASTERMIND

(Please note: All mastermind applicants must have a Biz Plan to join)

You’ve done your biz plan. Congrats. But have you done anything since?

Sometimes you’ve got great intentions but life gets in the way. And perhaps you’ve been sitting on your keister, and your plan is sitting on your desk, just hoping magically something will happen.

If that’s you, then you should consider our mastermind. It’s designed to get you ACTIVATED and get you off the sidelines, into action and showing you the path towards becoming a full-time working actor.

Actor’s Fast Track ACCELERATE

This unique package gives you both the AFT Biz Plan and the Mastermind in one fell swoop.


Actor’s Fast Track VIP TRACK

Attended acting school? Great.

Got the agent? Awesome.

The VIP Track was designed for those actors who have been booking those co-star or web-series roles and getting auditions, but want more and bigger auditions…the ones that get you to the next level.

Actor's Fast Track EXCLUSIVE ACCESS (Application only)

Created with the actor who is moving quickly…the exclusive access program is designed for those who are ready to step into those SERIES REGULAR roles or who want to get on the Oscar path.

It’s for those who are already making $30-50k a year and want to know how to be making 7-figures. If you’re ready to be a star…this is for you.

Actor's Fast Track INFLUENCER (Application only) 

This is for those who are ready to play with the big boys and girls.

If you’ve got 100k followers in social media and are a true influencer, then this is a program to check out. It’s designed to utilize Valorie’s contacts in the industry to help you get your creative ideas out there to the people who can actually bring them to life. Created in coordination with CAA, this is the ultimate Fast Track program.

Other Services

If you are serious about getting started with Actors Fast Track, you can spend a day, one-on-one, with Valorie Hubbard and really map out the next steps to your career.

VIP Day Intensive With Valorie Hubbard 

If you are that kind of person that just wants a plan and then to be on your way this is the right package for you. The day is hosted in a luxury hotel and comes with 3 additional calls with Valorie. 1 prior prep call and two follow up calls.

Schedule some time to talk with us and to see which event is best for you!

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