is every time one of my clients is consistently taking actions within a year they have had a BIG BOOKING. Never fails.

So I recently went to to check out the top 10 PODCASTS for Actor’s and out of 20 listed 60% of them were gone/out of business and 30% had not posted a new podcast since 2012? So only 10% of these podcast were still in business!! Well that is true for Actor’s as well, I am serious!! If you are just consistently putting yourself out there with a good product you WILL get results. You will be the 10% just by being consistent you put yourself in the top 10% and then the rest is a piece of cake!! It’s that easy but most actors’ are lazy and give up to easy!! Anyone that has done anything spectacular  with their life has had many setbacks like Steve Jobs, Dr. Dre, Oprah!! If you are an actors you are an ENTREPRENEUR and it DEMANDS CONSISTENCY.

What does consistency to an ACTOR mean?

In general you should be making 5 sales actions a week to get REAL RESULTS and those 5 actions should be a combo of  people that are already familiar with your work and strangers to your work. The people are your customers and they are Casting Directors, Producers, Writers and Director’s generally. So if they are already familiar with your work and they are  in TV casting, directing or writing I think monthly is good idea and then daily on social media so make sure you are looking for those folks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If they are in Film Casting I would say once a quarter is good however these days most of the big film casting folks are also casting TV they have to pay their bills!! HA So by taking 5 actions a week for at least a year that is what I mean by consistency.

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