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Network, network, network

Effective networking is important for Actors Most of the networking events I’ve found designed for actors just turn out to be a bunch of actors standing around talking to a bunch of actors, and that’s what people think networking is. They’re wrong. These types of events are not going to get you anywhere. For example,…

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Actor Rules

A lot of the rules looming in front of Actors are just myths. Here are a few you may have heard yourself: You’re not supposed to do a drop-off. You’re not supposed to come to someone’s office. You can only do this if you have an agent. If you didn’t go to a good acting…

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ACTORS GET UNCOMFORTABLE The biggest mistake actor’s make is sitting around spending time on Facebook waiting for the phone to ring. The phone is not going to ring just because you feel good about yourself. You are going to have to get out there in the uncomfortable spot and start meeting people, shaking hands, introducing…

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