Display Your Acting Brand on Social Media

Acting Brand on Social Media

You may not think about your acting brand on social media but it’s essential that you do. You want your brand and your social media to be in alignment.

If you’re trying out for sexy vixen roles but all of your social media selfies show you dressed conservatively and looking like the girl next door, there’s going to be a disconnect. Casting directors, writers, and producers will sense this disconnect and be less likely to offer you an acting role.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your brand comes into alignment with all of your social media content. Here’s how to get started…

What Roles Do You Want?

This is the first question to consider when it comes to your acting brand on social media. Think about the roles you want to be known for. Do you want to be cast as the queen bee, the mean girl, and the gossipy neighbor?

Try to think of five roles that would be the perfect fit for you. These are the gigs that would be an absolute DREAM for you to work on. So take some time and really nail down who you want to be.

One of my clients, Brian Majestic, shared this about branding himself:

“I’m the blue-collar, every man but I also just know who I am. I finally know what I’m about and not about; where I fit in and where I don’t.  As an actor and a human being, that’s incredibly freeing because it makes me feel more comfortable connecting with others.”

What Words Describe Your Acting Brand?

Think of your ideal roles. Then spend some time brainstorming words that would apply to those characters. If it helps, do this exercise with other people who are supportive of you and your acting dream. Create a list of adjectives that describe you and the kinds of roles you want to book. For example, you might choose words like:

  • Ditsy
  • Smart
  • Sexy
  • Goofy
  • Ballsy
  • Sultry
  • Sweet
  • Tough
  • Lazy
  • Grumpy
  • Earnest
  • Evil

Do You Need to Change Gears with Your Acting Brand on Social Media?

As you work on your branding, you’re going to find clarity about who you want to play.  This may mean you step away from roles you’ve traditionally done in favor of jobs that are better aligned with what you want to do.

Courtney, a client with Actor’s Fast Track, had this to say about changing her brand:

“Valorie helped me hone in that I’m a greasy, homeless, street runaway. Zeroing in on this working class, edgy runaway does take me out of getting high school hot girl cheerleader parts. But that’s not what I’m chasing down on my end. When I stop trying to be everything, I can be who I am.”

Think about your acting brand on social media as the “secret sauce”. There are a million burger restaurants around the world, but your brand is unique. It’s what sets you apart and makes a casting director say, “You’re perfect for the role!”


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