Who should Actors listen to for advice?


Actor’s get a LOT of BAD ADVICE because they are listening to everyone– Friends, Acting Teachers, Agents, Headshot photographers, your FATHER—DON’T GO CHECK IN WITH THE HERD (other actors, acting teachers, friends, family) BECAUSE ALL YOU’LL GET IS THE “WELL, I HEARD…”


I imagine all these cows on a hill and they’ve all been congregating there for years. They’re mooing, “I’ve been an actor for seven years and I’ve tried everything.” Or the teacher cow that used to be an actor is standing on a mound, bellowing, “Well, you can’t really make it in this business.” The cows are all there, chewing their cud.

You’re a frisky calf and you bound up enthusiastically saying, “Hey, I was thinking it might be a good idea if I made some cookies and took them to this casting director!”

The naysayer cows all turn to look at you, snorting disparagingly, “Well, I heard if you take the cookies they’ll yell at you and you could actually even get arrested.” Or, “I HEARD….”

So, with your enthusiasm dampened, you don’t do it and quietly join the herd. You may even start talking to yourself in negative “cow-speak,” moo…boo…boo.

Don’t go check in with those cows! Don’t listen to them. Don’t let them put those thoughts in your head so you start doubting yourself. There is no need to check in with them.

Get out of that herd mentality which will talk you out of doing what you want to do.

THE Actor’s hear stuff like… PROBLEM #2 THE RULES

You can’t do anything without an agent or a manager

You are not suppose to send gifts

Actors are notorious for asking their actor friends what they should do or think. These same friends don’t have a credit on their resume.

Therefore, if you want to go and do a drop-off to an agent’s office, don’t ask your friends. They will tell you, “oh, you’re not supposed to do that” or “my friend went to an agency and they yelled at her.” Also, don’t check in with your family or your acting teachers who don’t have an active career or never have had an active career about what you should do with your business.


Actor’s who listen to WORKING ACTORS Solution#1 HELP

Don’t listen the “HEARDS.” Let your impulse design your action. Genius is inspiration. Fear motivates the “HEARD.” The herd will always hate the right action. They’re ALWAYS going to tell you not to take the big risk. The big risk is what’s going to get you the job

Actor’s who listen the THEMSELVES Solution #2 YOU

You gotta build a business from the ground up and take daily action to see results. It starts with a plan and then the daily execution of that plan, it is HARD WORK and it is not for the faint of heart for sure!!! BUT the CEO is you the BUCK stops with you!! The actor is the CREATOR of their own CAREER.

Check out my book all of this is in their and more. ONLY IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS ACTOR please no amateurs I love you guys that love acting but I only work with people that want to make a living acting.



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