How Can You Get Acting Work? Two Words: Sales Calls

Woman Calling Casting Director

My client, Bryan Coffee is comfortable connecting with casting directors. But he didn’t always feel this way.

Bryan says, “Before I started working with Valorie, I was not necessarily scared but I was hesitant to step out of what was “acceptable.” I sat at home waiting for the agent’s phone call. When I got a call, I’d go in and do a fantastic job.

I was definitely sending thank you letters and keeping in contact with the people I’ve met. But I wasn’t actively pursuing new contacts. After working with Valorie, if I came across a part, I would think, “Oh, I should be auditioning for that part – why am I not going in?”

Now, I have my manager. We have a very good relationship! Or, I will personally track down somebody to contact in either a casting office or production office and find out how I can get myself into that room.

Basically, I’m way more active in my career and in trying to get what I specifically want. No more sitting back waiting for the phone to ring! That still happens, and that’s great. But when there’s an opportunity out there, I make sure I know how to get it.”

When and How to Make Sales Calls

Actor Making Sales Call

    • ALWAYS MAKE SALES CALLS! I know when you do this there will always be people telling you what you can’t do. They’ll say you can’t pick up the phone and pitch yourself. But I’m here to tell you yes, you can.


    • All of my clients have the same assignment. They must make at least five sales contacts each week – direct phone calls, drop offs, warm letters, or networking events.


    • There are people who call casting directors every day. They’re obnoxious and waste the casting director’s time – and their own. But I know that’s not you. You’re going to be selective and only make that call when it counts, when you know there’s a role for which you’re perfect.


    • Pitch yourself for two seconds on the phone. Be very clear and to-the-point about why you are right for a role, you should definitely make that phone call.


So, there might be someone that tells you, “Actors shouldn’t call or drop by.” Okay, thanks, but no thanks. That’s your opinion. It’s not a rule.

This is where breaking the rules comes in. Don’t be afraid of being obnoxious if you make a cold-call. Unless you’re acting obnoxious is who you are, it’s okay to start the sales conversation. You’re not going to be obnoxious simply by sharing who you are.

Connect with Buyers

What I want to re-emphasize here is that selling requires connecting with the buyers (casting directors, producers, writers, directors, and ultimately the public).

These are the people who are going to pay you. When you establish relationships with these people, you’ll become a working actor. You have the RIGHT to go out and get the career you want. Stay on your course!

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