Why You Don’t Need an Agent to Get Booked for Acting Roles

Courtney Bandeko (headshot)

Courtney Bandeko was an unrepresented actress when she met Valorie. She already had a few credits she was proud of but she couldn’t seem breakthrough and she struggled with how to get booked for acting roles.

Courtney says discovering she didn’t need an agent, manager or rep to get work was a huge shift for her.

“Working with Valorie, I was doing outreach, outreach, outreach. And then I booked a movie, Adolescence. Even the Director asked how I got the role because I didn’t have an agent. I had full faith in Valorie and her process but to actually get a job from the work she had me do was awesome.

*YOU* are the best advocate for yourself.

To fast-track your career:

  • Identify who hires your brand.
  • Focus on getting connected to these people through a variety of outreach activities.
  • Believe unwaveringly that your brand is right for the roles you want.
  • Understand that casting directors who are looking to buy what they view as a consistent, unique product. They are the people you want to attract with your brand

“Be unafraid to see yourself as a solution to the casting directors’ problem. Instead of thinking, “Oh, my god, am I annoying these casting directors when I reach out to them,” know you’re there to solve their problem.

“They need someone to fill a role and do it well. They need you to take the work on the page and do it better than what’s there; do the part and bring it to life in an exciting way. It’s okay to be self-promoting because you’re selling a product that will help them.

– Carolyn Faye Kramer, actor/Actor’s Fast Track coach)

Here’s How to Land Your Own Acting Roles

If you’re not a repped actor or actress, consider who needs your brand and how you can connect with them. I recommend using these tips to get started…

  • Ask yourself, who are your targeted buyers?
  • Who are ten people who cast the roles you’ve already identified as your brand?
  • List your ideal project and all the details you know about it.
  • Gather names of everyone you want to notice you. Make a list of them.
  • Who are the writers on shows where you’d like to be booked?
  • Make a list of your ideal project and all the details you know about it.
  • Make a list of everyone you want to notice you.
  • Who are the directors on shows where you’d like to be booked?


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