8 Ways to Get in Front of Casting Directors (No Agent Required!)

Get In Front of Casting Directors

Andrew Bachelor became famous by creating his own online alias persona, King Bach. He branded himself as an irreverent, edgy, goofy guy.

His alias became so popular that he got eleven million followers on social media. And he did that simply by posting three Vines a day about trying to get a girl’s attention.

His posts were so entertaining, they ultimately garnered him a professional career. He used this highly unique self-created product to generate attention and eventually caught the notice of casting directors. He’s now on two new TV shows.

If there’s a role you know you are right for, it’s okay to “break the rules” and bypass traditional methods for getting work. It worked for Andrew Bachelor. It can work for you too. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

#1: Do Drop-Offs

If you know there’s a part for which you are right, personally drop off your headshots and resume at the casting office and put a Post-It on it with the name of the role and part you want. Introduce yourself when you drop your packet off.

#2: Pitch Every Week

Make at least five pitches and personal sales calls to the buyers on your targeted list. Do this every week to build momentum.

#3: Send Postcards

Send postcards to let buyers know what you’ve been up to. These are not a direct ask but they are good marketing for your business.

#4: Tape an Audition

Do a self-taping audition of a role you want and send it to the casting director. If you don’t have the director’s email, you can do this through social media messages.

#5: Share Your Acting Journey

Send bi-weekly emails to buyers to stay front-of-mind. These don’t have to be long emails. They can be just a paragraph or two about what’s happening in your acting journey.

#6: Attend Workshops

Go to casting workshops and introduce yourself to buyers. Workshops give you actual face-to-face time with casting directors, which can lead to exciting, new roles!

#7: Be a Follower

Follow people on social media. If a casting director, writer, or producer is active on social media, follow them. Engage with their updates and build a relationship with them.

#8: Read Books

Think about a book have you read recently that you feel has a part in it for which you’d be perfect. Find out if anyone is planning to make it into a movie. And, if so, contact the writer requesting you be considered for the part.

Stay Confident

Just go into these encounters and say, “This is what I do.” Use relationship building any way possible and do it well. Consistently get in front of your buyers – casting directors, producers, and writers. Eventually, you’ll find your right fit.

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