How do I help the STUCK CLIENTS?


I have this client right now that is just STUCK, and his coach is frustrated!!!


There’s always a different way to do something other than the one that’s not working for you.  There’s never just one way to do anything. There’s always an escape hatch, a different tunnel. Don’t stop looking. If you are doggedly determined because you’re unwilling to compromise on what you want your life to look like, then you will not stop.

There’s always another hall. Turn around! Be open to the possibilities. Ask yourself, “Is there another way I could do this? Do I have to do it this way?”

Often what we think we also have to do stops us from doing it. For example, actors often tell themselves “I need to get an agent to have a career.”

They will wait to start their career until they have that perfect agent. It’s not necessary! I had my first perfect agent eleven years into my career, with big plays under my belt. Actors can get stopped by believing there’s only one way to do things.

For instance, if an actor comes up to me and says “I want to be on Justified.” I’ll say, “Great. Go get on Justified.”

Then a year later, I find them and ask, “So how was that getting on Justified?”

And they say, “Well, I thought to get on Justified, I needed an agent. Oh, wait, before I got an agent, I needed a reel. And so on…”

So, for the last year, they’ve been stuck in “I need to get a reel, so I’m not getting onto Justified.”

I say, “Why didn’t you just go knock on the door of Graham Yost, the creator of Justified?” What is the harm in that?

And their answer is, “Oh, I never thought of that.” They’ve been told this is the way you have to do things. And it’s just not true.

Most of the time what I tell my coaches is, “Did you look for a different way for them? Did you try this, or did you try that?” That is what we are always working on at Actor’s Fast Track – looking at creative, imaginative ways to find new solutions.

So when you start thinking there is only one way to do something, stop thinking that way! Always look for another approach. It’s there and often even better than your original plan.