LinkedIn for your ACTING Career


As an Actor, you are an entrepreneur a business owner, the CEO of your own company. LinkedIn is a business platform, not a social media platform so it only makes sense that actors learn how to navigate LinkedIn for their businesses. There are over 5 million executives in entertainment on LinkedIn—WOW. LinkedIn for actors is clearly the place to be.

Your Actor Profile on Linkedin

You want to start with building out your profile on LinkedIn. A good headshot and a nice banner. Your banner can be a red carpet shot or a screenshot from one of your films or TV credits. You can use any words to identify yourself, Actor, VO Artist, Vegan, Great Cook, etc. Make sure you have your contact information accurate. Post your bio in the About Section and a few credits in the Experience section. You can get a past acting coach or director to write a recommendation for you and you are READY TO ROLL!!!

Making Acting Connections on Linkedin

Once your profile is set you want to be to connect with your customers. An Actor’s customers are Directors, Producers, Writers, and Casting Directors. Stick with the writers, producers, and directors to start, there are other ways to contact Casting Directors that will better serve you. Use the search bar to find producers that are in the area you want to play in, for instance, Producers with Marvel or Comedy Film Producers. Play around with the search bar searching different ways, till you find out what works for you. Once you have a few people to begin to reach out to, make sure you include a message to your connection. It is helpful if you prewrite a template message that you can use over and over. Something like “Hey Producer I love your __________project, I loved this, this and this about it, I would love to connect with you, I am an actor that tends to play ____________ and you and I are a perfect match.  Once you connect you can work on building that relationship over time.

Actor’s Fast Track has been having a great amount of success with our clients on LinkedIn we now offer two classes that teach our actors how to navigate and succeed using this business platform, check out those classes here: