Is Snail Mail Obsolete for the Actor?


Not for our client and coach Brian Majestic!! He wrote a letter over a year ago that just resulted in 5 recurring episodes of General Hospital. Or our friend Duane Whitaker that booked a straight to offer Guest Star on a FX show based on a letter he wrote over a year before!! WOW

Don’t overlook snail mail. Warm letters are a great way to pitch yourself for a part you know is right for you.  I’ve had incredible things happen to me from letters. They are a very important tool and can be very helpful.

The fact is, email is so overloaded now that if you reach out directly via snail mail, you may get great results. I just had a girl sign with a very big agency that told her, “We called you in because we hadn’t had a packet and letter like this in over a year.”

Or if they’re making your favorite book into a movie, you could write to the author of the book and tell him, “Listen, I’ve always felt akin to this part and I just want to pitch myself to you.” Incredible things can happen through writing something as simple as a letter.

Warm letters put you in front of buyers, break the stranger barrier, whisper in their ear and let you choose the message you want them to hear.

How to Write a Warm Letter

Below is from my book co-authored with Lea Tolub Brandenburg The Actor’s Workbook, it’s our top 10 list for letter writing ENJOY!!

Top Ten List for Letter Writing…

1.Use letter to break the stranger barrier; consider it an opportunity to whisper in their ear, choosing what message you want them to get.

2.Have a hook, something that piques the reader’s interest. Name dropping, clever description of self, what someone has said about you, etc.

3.Try looking at it from the point of view of the reader.

4.Be clear, direct and brief, don’t make them guess why you are writing. Ask for something.

5Double the effectiveness, with another letter in two weeks or a follow up phone call, or make it a 3 part mailing.

6.Do your homework; acknowledge them for what they have done.

7.Language and tone of letter should come from a place of strength and confidence.

8.Timing-try to hit mid-week.

9.Define yourself

10.Have Fun.

There is also a MP3 of me leading a class about letter writing!! Enjoy

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