Want to get booked? STOP ACTING!!!

Whoa…what the hell?

Did. I. Just. Really. Tell. You. To. Stop. Acting?

I did. But I don’t literally mean stop acting. I mean stop relying solely on your acting skills if you want to start getting booked.

Getting the gig isn’t about acting skills alone. It’s about marketing skills.

It’s about knowing who you are, how you present yourself, and how to present yourself in the right way to right the people at the right time.

It’s the reason most great actors don’t get booked. I’ve learned this the hard way (and this is someone who is in the top 10% of working actors in the world).

Getting booked is all about marketing “your brand” in the strongest way possible.

It’s what I want to teach you all about at my upcoming 5th annual Actor’s Fast Track Summer Games.

It’s taking place July 23rd in Burbank California at the Victory Theater and the park across the street. You’ll play games (outside, since it is the summer of course!), you’ll get fed, and you’ll get to hob knob with fellow actors and Industry guests who are there to see you!

And it’s only $27.

You can sign up for the games with this link: http://www.theaftgames.com

If you want to rock the rest of this year out, stop thinking of yourself as just an actor, and start thinking of yourself as a marketing guru. That’s the secret. I can show you how.

July 23rd at the Victory Theatre. $27.

Sign up here.