An Actor is an Entrepreneur

Being an actor is analogous to being an entrepreneur

Which means you’ll have to build your business from the ground up. Which means in the beginning you are your agent, manager, publicist and even attorney!!

As an actor, you have probably been taught that the path to success is like being on a ladder. The Holy Grail of work is positioned at the top and you, as an actor, are on the bottom. The only thing lower than you is dirt.

To climb the ladder, you believe you first need to join the union and get an agent. Then your agent will introduce you to a manager. The manager will lead you over the invisible line that runs between buyers and sellers to the casting director who will introduce you to the director, writer, and producer. And then, magically, you will get hired.

Believe me, this is one approach, but not the best one.

Focusing on joining the union and getting an agent before you book anything doesn’t make any sense. Who you need to pay attention to initially are the buyers/customers who are going to hire you. Know that buyers and ultimately the public are the people whose attention you want to get.

All successful business owners know that buyers are the lifeblood of their business. Without customers, there’s no one to buy their products. And without anyone to buy their products, they are soon out of business.

Who are actors’ buyers?

In the business of acting, the buyers are producers, directors, casting directors, and writers. Once you’ve branded and packaged yourself, you’re going to need to start building key relationships with these people because they are the ones who are going to pay you to act. You don’t need to know everyone. Just a few.

REMEMBER Part time actor’s get Part time results!!!

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