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Valorie Hubbard in Costume

I book shows all the time because of what I wear.  When I went to my Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. audition, I wasn’t given a script. I had to sign a disclosure agreement. It was all very secret and hush-hush. I’d never done the show but I watched it and thought to myself, “Oh, they wear…

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A lot of the rules looming in front of Actors are just myths. Here are a few you may have heard yourself: You’re not supposed to do a drop-off. You’re not supposed to come to someone’s office. You can only do this if you have an agent. If you didn’t go to a good acting…

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My Actor Clients are AMAZING But one of the standouts has always been Doreen Calderon in the first year of working with Actors’ Fast Track she booked 4 roles on TV and 2 National commercials. Doreen also has a business called  The Recognized Actor   Doreen designs amazing postcards for a lot of my clients…

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Being an actor is analogous to being an entrepreneur Which means you’ll have to build your business from the ground up. Which means in the beginning you are your agent, manager, publicist and even attorney!! As an actor, you have probably been taught that the path to success is like being on a ladder. The…

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