Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Acting Career?

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You alone are in charge of your future. No one else is!  So, it is up to you to believe you are good enough to enter the marketplace. But you must be in the right mindset to realize your talent and potential.

When I first started working with Valorie, I got nervous about my financial situation and told her I was in dire straits and thought I should back out. She said, “If it’s all about money, I can let you go. But maybe it’s something else. Maybe you’re afraid of something.”

And as I analyzed it, I realized she was right. We get comfortable where we are even though we want to be somewhere else. Taking that leap is very scary because we know failure.

When you realize you can have what you want, it’s kind of frightening because we’re told that we can. But we’re not really taught that we can.” – Brian Majestic, actor/Actor’s Fast Track client

How Does Mindset Affect Your Career as an Actor?

If you believe the industry is too hard, you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve to have an amazing acting career for whatever negative self-stories you’ve allowed yourself to believe, you’ll have an extremely difficult time manifesting a great acting career.

Your own mind may actually be sabotaging your best efforts. I’ve seen it happen! Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Occasionally, I still have clients whose mindset stops them from succeeding. In some cases, actors have the world available to them and are right within the reach of a great career but won’t take the action to make it happen.

Why won’t they take the right actions to seize what is right in front of them? It’s aggravating to me, and sad!

If you feel as though you aren’t worthy of success or believe you’re always having crappy results, the problem is likely due to your mindset.

Changing your perspective is almost always the solution!

“Before I started working with Valorie, I was literally on my own, struggling to make ends meet. I’ve been in and out of L. A. for years doing all the right stuff. I just wasn’t connecting with jobs. I was going to casting workshops. But I wasn’t following up with anybody.

I wasn’t reaching out to people to get them to know me. I was documenting everything I did, but I wasn’t ever going beyond it to contact them again.

Valorie told me to contact them and I thought, “I can talk to these people? Oh, my gosh! I had glorified them and given them all my control. And it’s not at all like that.” –Esme Baneulos, actor/ Actor’s Fast Track client

The Formula that’s Tripping You Up

Here’s a thought-provoking formula to keep in mind:

Crappy mindset+ crappy behavior = crappy results.

When I changed my mindset, I realized it was scarier to stay at home and have things not happen than to leave my fear aside, push myself out there and make them happen. This can be a very tough business. Learn to be patient and courageous. Don’t get discouraged.”- Anna Maria Perez, actor/Actor’s Fast Track client

Nearly 100 percent of the time we’re held back by fear of taking an action that has nothing to do with how talented an actor you are.

It’s just fear that gets us stuck. You can’t read the mind of a casting director. You just need to get out there, be completely present in the performance you’re doing, ignore all that inner, critical self-talk and impress them!

Change the Formula

Valorie Hubbard Mentoring Actor

The good news is that you can change the formula the moment you decide to! It really is as simple as…

Confident mindset + brave action = incredible opportunities

Which formula will you lean into today? Are you going to embrace the confident, healthy mindset of a driven entrepreneur?

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