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15 Positive Affirmations for Actors

Danielle had been interested in acting for years. When she began going on auditions, she struggled. She’d often think, “No one is going to hire me. I’m just going to fail.” These thoughts quickly became self-fulfilling. The more Danielle thought that she would fail, the more she did. To overcome this problem, Danielle began working…

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Actors at GameChanger event

Mindset is your habitual thinking, your beliefs, how you view the world, the acting industry and yourself. It’s your attitude about life, your worthiness, and your career because how you think about all these determines how you’ll act and what you’ll do. “I had an acting teacher who said people often go into acting to…

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Valorie supporting actors at GameChanger 2017

Mary Somers, a client with Actor’s Fast Track, knows how powerful the critical voices can be that linger behind our personal fear and doubt curtain. She says her mother once told her she was fat and it became a defining belief that affected her self-image and ability to get out there and sell herself. She…

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Actor's Fast Track Mind Games 2018 Participant

You alone are in charge of your future. No one else is!  So, it is up to you to believe you are good enough to enter the marketplace. But you must be in the right mindset to realize your talent and potential. “When I first started working with Valorie, I got nervous about my financial…

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