Keep Reaching Out to Casting Directors

Brian Majestic

If you’re always putting out content, you’re going to get people’s attention. That’s why using the same picture over-and-over again is important because people will eventually say, “Oh, wait! I know this guy.”

They don’t know how they know you but they’ve seen your picture a million times so they think they do.

What Brian Did

My client Brian Majestic is incredibly organized and consistent in his outreach to casting directors. He bases his outreach on what he’s learned through Actor’s Fast Track. Here’s how he got started:


    • He made a notebook entitled, “The Brian Majestic Agency” because he had no representation.


    • He started looking through the breakdowns and what was casting to get a feel for what people were doing.


    • Then he dropped off his headshot and resume.


    • He sent postcards with his headshot and agent’s information.


    • He attended workshops – and after the workshops, sent follow-up thank you cards.


    • In 8-10 weeks, he sent another postcard – and in 3-months, another one.


    • In 6-months, he sent a follow-up letter sharing what he’d been doing in his career and attached his business card, headshot, and agent’s number in the letter.


    • In eight months, he did a drop-off just to reconnect.


    • He made a huge spreadsheet of who he’d be contacting for the next three months.


Brian’s Awesome Results

By doing this, he managed to get a 15-minute conversation with a casting director who ended up casting him in Criminal Minds three weeks later.

Now, he stays regularly in touch with at least 35 casting directors who know who he is. Brian is doing it right!

It’s Your Turn!

If your face and interaction with others is out there enough, people will begin to think they know you.

This can also be done through letters, postcards, social media, a YouTube channel or by sending out emails. And it’s even better if they have met and talked with you. It all comes down to consistently reaching out to casting directors!

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