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Social Media Followers for Actors

It’s no secret that casting directors are looking for actors with big social media followings. They want actors that not only bring their natural talent but also a fan base that they actively nurture on social media. This means finding social media followers for actors is an important part of building your career. Here are…

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Social Media Usernames for Actors graphic

Sometimes, your ideal username is already taken and that sucks! This can happen to any actor but if you have a common name, you’re more likely to see that your username is already taken on social media sites. But don’t worry; here are 10 social media usernames for actors that will inspire you… Add Your…

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Social Media Content for Actors (graphic)

You’ve set up your profiles and pages on various networks. But now you’re wondering about social media content for actors. You should be posting regularly and you want to. You’re just struggling to come up with those elusive content ideas. Here are a few ideas to help you get started… Polls Facebook and Twitter both…

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Facebook for Actors

If you mention the topic of Facebook for actors inside a group or at an event, you’ll hear a lot of opinions and theories about how Facebook works. But the important thing is not figuring out how to game the Facebook system. It’s discovering how to use the network to help you build your acting…

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An acting coach helps you navigate your acting career!

Acting is like any other activity—the more you do it, the better you get at it. But it’s not enough to just practice in front of your mirror. You need feedback from someone that’s more advanced than you are like an acting coach. An acting coach works with you to strengthen your acting skills. This…

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7 Books Every New Actor Should Read

The smartest thing to do when you’re a new actor is to learn more about your craft. Learning about acting can take many forms—participating in acting classes, working with a coach, and going on auditions to get feedback. But another simple way to learn more is to read books on the subject of acting. Here…

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Find acting work in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the best spots to find acting work, thanks to a tax credit that makes it easy for production companies to film in the state of Georgia. But when you’re looking for acting jobs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder how to get started. Try using some of these tips to…

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