This One Thing Can Make or Break Your Success as an Actor

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Mindset is your habitual thinking, your beliefs, how you view the world, the acting industry and yourself. It’s your attitude about life, your worthiness, and your career because how you think about all these determines how you’ll act and what you’ll do.

“I had an acting teacher who said people often go into acting to get acknowledged. And I think that’s true. I come from a family of four boys. Acting was a way for me to stand out and be acknowledged. But I know now being an actor doesn’t validate or define me as a human being.

I do still love to be acknowledged. It’s a wonderful thing for anyone, whatever your passion, career, or life. To be seen is very important. But I’m not in such a rush anymore to get acknowledged.

I’m no longer trying to get rid of the neediness or wanting to get someone to love me.” – Brian Majestic, actor/Actor’s Fast Track client

What Is a Business Mindset?

Having a business mindset means you’ve combined your creativity as an artist with the savvy perspective and acuity of an entrepreneurial business person. The duality in this approach to acting is what separates successful actors from those struggling in the industry.

Strategic planning, constant action, and understanding your market and buyers are all aspects of developing a business mindset. This means, as I’ve mentioned before and re-emphasize here, that in addition to continuous development of your craft as actor, you have to think strategically in the same way any successful business person would.

“Break the mindset that society, industry, and our family have told us we have to follow to get an acting career. This is coming from people who just regurgitate what their teachers or family have told them.

People who follow all these rules end up not getting the career they’ve dreamed of. The only good rule is the golden one. Just be a decent person.” – Brian Majestic, actor/Actor’s Fast Track client)

How to Develop a Business Mindset

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First, and foremost, having a business mindset means that you think positively about yourself and your talent.

A change of perspective means you know the value of what you can bring to your buyers rather than what you want or need from them. Think of yourself as providing an essential product they need for the success of their projects.

In other words, know with certainty that you are helping them solve their problem. It’s a subtle shift of perspective but it makes a world of difference when you walk into a room to audition for a role.

Go After the Roles You Want

Rather than apologetically or desperately asking for a part, you’re presenting casting directors with a golden opportunity to book just the right person for that role, the very actor they’ve been waiting for, YOU.

You’ve probably heard all kinds of stories that are counter to how to approach the business of acting. But don’t let doubt or fear stand in your way. Find your courage and move forward.

Be confident and focused in your intention. Ignore the boundaries arbitrarily set by others. Be strong enough to stand in the belief you’re right for the role you desire. When you do this with conviction, you’ll get hired.

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