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7 Books Every New Actor Should Read

The smartest thing to do when you’re a new actor is to learn more about your craft. Learning about acting can take many forms—participating in acting classes, working with a coach, and going on auditions to get feedback. But another simple way to learn more is to read books on the subject of acting. Here…

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Actors at GameChanger event

Mindset is your habitual thinking, your beliefs, how you view the world, the acting industry and yourself. It’s your attitude about life, your worthiness, and your career because how you think about all these determines how you’ll act and what you’ll do. “I had an acting teacher who said people often go into acting to…

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Sara Banerjee

Sara Banerjee, a client at Actor’s Fast Track, is fabulous at selling herself. She understands her niche and marketability and presents it to buyers in a genuine but direct way. Her authenticity garners her big results with legitimate studio and network roles. Sara’s auditioned for two series regulars on CBS, playing a lawyer and a…

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