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Brand is everything for the Actor

By Valorie Hubbard

BRAND FOR THE ACTOR The first step to selling yourself as an actor is to identify and create your brand. Think about yourself as a saleable product. Make your brand consistently unique. This will give you your marketability. In other words, buyers will want to hire you because you will have something specific and unique…

Should Actors PITCH Themselves?

By Valorie Hubbard

HELL YES you should PITCH!! YOU ARE IN BUSINESS to make money as an ACTOR, right? Here’s the thing. Sales people pitch to me all day long. My phone rings one-hundred million times a day, and it’s always someone either trying to give me money for my business or someone who wants to fix my…

Brand For The Actor: Learn How To Market Yourself

By Valorie Hubbard

Brand For The Actor? What the heck does that mean?? Too many times actors wait for an agent or manager to show up and tell them who they are. Or they ask me, “what do you think I am?” I can’t tell you who you are or what roles are best for you. Nor can…

AFT Website Introduction

By Valorie Hubbard


By Valorie Hubbard

Never let one ‘No’ stop you.

By Valorie Hubbard

When I was 12, I went to an audition at a local professional theater for a production of The Sound of Music – going out for one of the Von Trapp kids. They were lining us up, matching us up to create the family, and a very mean lady pulled me aside and told me…

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