Disney Audition: How I Landed My Breakthrough Role with a Little Ingenuity

“Disney California Adventure”, by Jeremy Thompson, licensed under CC BY 2.0


When I first embarked on my journey as an actress in Los Angeles, I quickly realized that securing commercial roles was the fastest route to financial stability. With a commercial agent already onboard, I dove headfirst into auditioning for commercials. However, I also had my sights set on something bigger: Disney.


Knowing that Disney auditions could potentially open doors to exciting opportunities, I brainstormed outside-the-box strategies to make myself stand out in the competitive landscape. Armed with determination and a packet containing my headshot and résumé, I set my sights on Disney TV.


Arriving at the Disney building, I found myself in the lobby, poised to make my move to the 14th floor where the Disney executives resided. However, I soon realized that access to the upper floors required security clearance—a hurdle I hadn’t anticipated.


But as luck would have it, the universe seemed to align in my favor that day. I noticed the security guard behind her desk, engaged in conversation with two prominent Disney stars. Without hesitation, I approached them with a friendly greeting, exuding confidence as if we were old acquaintances.


To my surprise, the Disney stars reciprocated warmly, playing along with the charade. Seizing the opportunity, I turned to the security guard and casually requested access to the 14th floor. Moved by my apparent familiarity with the stars, the security guard rose from her desk and escorted me to the elevator, granting me passage to the coveted floor.


With my heart pounding with anticipation, I finally met the head of Casting for Disney TV and handed over my packet. Little did I know that this bold maneuver would soon yield remarkable results.


Not long after that fateful encounter, I received my first significant Disney audition—a recurring role on a Disney TV show. And against all odds, I clinched the role, marking a pivotal milestone in my acting career.


Reflecting on that unforgettable experience, I realized the power of seizing opportunities with creativity and determination. Sometimes, thinking outside the box and taking bold actions can pave the way for extraordinary opportunities, propelling us closer to our dreams.


So, to all aspiring actors out there, remember that auditions aren’t just about showcasing your talent—they’re about making memorable impressions and seizing every chance that comes your way, even if it means taking unconventional routes to success.


Embrace the unexpected, dare to be different, and who knows? You might just find yourself living out your dreams under the bright lights of Disney magic.


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