Why Drop-Offs Matter for Actors

Carolyn Faye Kramer

A drop-off is an industry term that means bringing your headshot and other promotional materials to buyers rather than submitting it through traditional mail or email. The advantage of doing a drop-off is that you may get an opportunity to speak with the casting director personally. Carolyn’s Success Story As for the effectiveness of drop-offs…

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Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Acting Career?

Actor's Fast Track Mind Games 2018 Participant

You alone are in charge of your future. No one else is!  So, it is up to you to believe you are good enough to enter the marketplace. But you must be in the right mindset to realize your talent and potential. “When I first started working with Valorie, I got nervous about my financial…

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ACTORS GET UNCOMFORTABLE The biggest mistake actor’s make is sitting around spending time on Facebook waiting for the phone to ring. The phone is not going to ring just because you feel good about yourself. You are going to have to get out there in the uncomfortable spot and start meeting people, shaking hands, introducing…

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My Actor Clients are AMAZING But one of the standouts has always been Doreen Calderon in the first year of working with Actors’ Fast Track she booked 4 roles on TV and 2 National commercials. Doreen also has a business called  The Recognized Actor http://www.dcdesign8.com/   Doreen designs amazing postcards for a lot of my clients…

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The Secret to being a WORKING ACTOR

SALES to the ACTOR That is the secret SELLING or as I like to say: CONSISTENT SALES to your CUSTOMER BASE. An Actors customer base are generally Casting Directors, Producers, Writers and Directors, these are the people Actor’s must focus on!! Most actors will tell you they knew from a very young age they wanted…

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