Valorie speaking at GameChanger event

The Power of Postcards and Mail-Outs for Actors

By Valorie Hubbard

When I first met Rozie Bacchi, she was waiting tables at a restaurant that was a popular tourist attraction at the time. She didn’t love the job, but it provided an income to pay rent and buy the tools that supported what we loved most, acting. Even then, Rozie knew instinctively acting was a business.…

Sara Banerjee

Sara Banerjee: 6 Steps to Acting Success

By Valorie Hubbard

Sara Banerjee, a client at Actor’s Fast Track, is fabulous at selling herself. She understands her niche and marketability and presents it to buyers in a genuine but direct way. Her authenticity garners her big results with legitimate studio and network roles. Sara’s auditioned for two series regulars on CBS, playing a lawyer and a…

Brian Majestic

Keep Reaching Out to Casting Directors

By Valorie Hubbard

If you’re always putting out content, you’re going to get people’s attention. That’s why using the same picture over-and-over again is important because people will eventually say, “Oh, wait! I know this guy.” They don’t know how they know you but they’ve seen your picture a million times so they think they do. What Brian…

Woman Calling Casting Director

How Can You Get Acting Work? Two Words: Sales Calls

By Valorie Hubbard

My client, Bryan Coffee is comfortable connecting with casting directors. But he didn’t always feel this way. Bryan says, “Before I started working with Valorie, I was not necessarily scared but I was hesitant to step out of what was “acceptable.” I sat at home waiting for the agent’s phone call. When I got a…

Valorie supporting actors at GameChanger 2017

3 Actors that Changed Their Mindset in Exciting Ways

By Valorie Hubbard

Mary Somers, a client with Actor’s Fast Track, knows how powerful the critical voices can be that linger behind our personal fear and doubt curtain. She says her mother once told her she was fat and it became a defining belief that affected her self-image and ability to get out there and sell herself. She…

Get In Front of Casting Directors

8 Ways to Get in Front of Casting Directors (No Agent Required!)

By Valorie Hubbard

Andrew Bachelor became famous by creating his own online alias persona, King Bach. He branded himself as an irreverent, edgy, goofy guy. His alias became so popular that he got eleven million followers on social media. And he did that simply by posting three Vines a day about trying to get a girl’s attention. His…

Carolyn Faye Kramer

Why Drop-Offs Matter for Actors

By Valorie Hubbard

A drop-off is an industry term that means bringing your headshot and other promotional materials to buyers rather than submitting it through traditional mail or email. The advantage of doing a drop-off is that you may get an opportunity to speak with the casting director personally. Carolyn’s Success Story As for the effectiveness of drop-offs…

Valorie Hubbard in Costume

Want That Acting Role? Dress the Part!

By Valorie Hubbard

I book shows all the time because of what I wear.  When I went to my Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. audition, I wasn’t given a script. I had to sign a disclosure agreement. It was all very secret and hush-hush. I’d never done the show but I watched it and thought to myself, “Oh, they wear…

Actor's Fast Track Mind Games 2018 Participant

Is Your Mindset Sabotaging Your Acting Career?

By Valorie Hubbard

You alone are in charge of your future. No one else is!  So, it is up to you to believe you are good enough to enter the marketplace. But you must be in the right mindset to realize your talent and potential. “When I first started working with Valorie, I got nervous about my financial…

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