Are You Treating Your Acting Career Like a Business?

POP Quiz: Are You Treating Your Acting Career Like a Business?

Smart actors treat their acting career like a business. But it can be hard to know if you’re hitting the mark. That’s why I created this short quiz. It’ll show you if you’re on the right track or if it’s time to adjust your course…

1. What is your job as an actor?

A: To sell my brand

B: To listen to directors

C: To share my artistic passion

2. Are you committed to improving your acting skills?

A: Yes, I’m always investing in my career.

B: Yes, but only if the price is cheap.

C: No, I’m already great at what I do.

3. How do you view your agent?

A: As a trusted member of my sales team

B: As a guide to help me navigate my career

C: As my personal marketer & brand manager

4. How many drop-offs do you manage in a week?

A: 5 or more

B: 2-3

C: 0…that’s why I have an agent!

5. How often do you read casting calls and breakdowns?

A: Multiple times a day…I get alerts on my phone.

B: Once each day.

C: Once a week…there aren’t many opportunities for me.

6. Do you have a list of industry professionals you’re in contact with?

A: Yes, I keep records of every producer, casting director, and writer I interact with.

B: No but I know a few basic facts about most of my connections.

C: No, I’m here to make art, not form relationships!



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Mostly A’s: Selling Machine

Yep, you know it’s a business. You’re clear on the roles that fit you best and what your unique brand is. Now, you just need to put yourself out there and see what happens!

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Mostly C’s: The Artist

You’re in love with the creative side of the profession. That’s good but it means you may need to pay a bit more attention to the business side of things…especially if you want to pay your bills!

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